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Over the last 45 years, I have taken at least 300,000 photographic images.  Most have been seen only by me, but that’s been okay.  Releasing the shutter is oftentimes a spiritual experience.  Even though recording an instant in time is a wholly human activity, with no natural counterpart, it can feel like brushing up against eternity:  The instant in time is gone, but the recording of it, at least in theory, could last forever.

            To some extent, the more ephemeral the subjects of my photographs, the more spiritual the experience.  Perhaps this explains why, as I’ve grown older, my subjects have evolved from historic architecture to momentary, abstract paintings on a liquid canvas -- from “permanent” landscapes to the motion in the ocean’s surf.

            Also evolving is my desire to share my photographic art.  I think it’s fair to say that most artists strive to create something unique.  I believe my photographic abstracts using paint, as well as my photographic portrayals of the ocean’s surf, are truly unique.  And the colors are spectacular.

            For many of us, life has our senses in a pretty constant state of agitation.  We need frequent, if only momentary, respites.  Viewing my photographic art does that for me, now more than ever.  If it provides some respite to you, too, I’ve done something worthwhile.

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